Harley Quinn – Batman Arkham Knight


I started construction on this costume somewhere late in 2014 and finished it in March 2015. I have always loved the edginess of Arkham Harley, the pleather and obvious BDSM references in her looks. When I saw Jessica Nigri cosplay the Arkham Knight version, I knew what I had to do 😉

Everything, apart from the corset, was hand made or adapted by me in some way.
The bra is a Marlies Dekkers bra I repurposed by covering both cups with different fabric.
The harness is made of two layers of pleather glued together, stainless steel rivets and O rings.
The wig is a Chibi by Arda Wigs, dip dyed with markers.
The skirt is hand made and features 3 layers and loads of lace that was hand sewn to the bottom. It’s made of a very thick and heavy cotton blend.
The leggings were two pairs of regular leggings I cut up and sewed together. The diamonds on them were made with DecorFin fabric dye. The studs were attached by hand.


Character: Harley Quinn

Series: Batman Arkham knight

Estimated construction time: Over 100 hours.