Tutorial: Dante’s guns from Devil May Cry

Tutorial: cosplay guns (Ebony and Ivory)

I figured I might as well make a tutorial on how I made my guns for my genderbend Dante from Devil May Cry! Now, these are for his guns but they’d pretty much work for any ‘normal’ non sci-fi guns that do NOT have rounded edges. These guns are quite ‘boxy’ and square in nature.

This was the first prop I ever made and I am sure a LOT can be improved about them. However, these are not that expensive (excluding the cost of the dremel) and very light weight so easy and safe for cons.

First of all: I started with the YouTube tutorial from HyperPropsFX. He also included the schematics for the guns, which was super useful! However, I did do some things different from him, hence the tutorial. I strongly suggest you watch his excellent tutorial first :smile:



  • foamboard (I used 1,5 large sheets)
  •  a dremel or sanding paper
  • wood glue (and/or worbla and/or sculpting materials)
  • exacto knife
  • paint primer
  • gold paint, silver paint, black paint, brown paint (I suggest using spray paint for all of these, though the gold might be easier in normal acrylic paint)
  • gold marker
  • Pattex glue

Have everything you need? Great, let’s go! I don’t have pictures of all the steps, so bear with me.

1) Print the designs, trace them on the foamboard and cut them out. Turn the design over and make copies of all of them, except for number 2 (see step 2). Be sure to keep your knife STRAIGHT when cutting so you don’t end up with ragged edges. Mark each part with a pencil and be sure to write BLACK and SILVER on the correct guns.

2) The original design from HyperPropsFX has the number 2 stencil with an indent on both sides. However, the real guns only have that indent on one side. Be sure to only make one sheet with the indent for each gun. So one side with a ‘normal’ side and one side with the indent.

3) Glue the guns together using hot glue or a different kind of strong glue. Don’t glue on the handles or trigger just yet. I used Pattex and it worked like a charm. Your guns should now look like this:

As you can see, it’s nowhere near straight yet, but that’s okay!

Cut the details on the barrel, as demonstrated in the YouTube tutorial.

4) Take your dremel (or sanding paper) and sand, sand, sand those edges until it’s all smooth! Don’t use a super high setting, you might ruin it! Be careful not to sand the ‘paper’ sides head on!!!! Cover your eyes and do this in a well ventilated area :smile: Your lungs will thank you later!!

5) When everything is smooth, take your wood glue and cover the foamy edges with a thick but even layer of wood glue. Ideally, you should use a brush (I didn’t). This will make your prop look smoother and it will keep the foam intact for painting later. If you skip this, the paint will eat into the foam and ruin your prop. Trust me, I found out the hard way.

Optionally, you could also add a layer of Worbla or Gesso. I had never worked with Worbla before, so I decided against that. I was on a time crunch :wink:

6) Prime your guns, the grips and the trigger and paint them with spray paint. You could paint by hand, but spray paint gives a nice even finish. Nonetheless, I painted the trigger, bottom and lock with gold acrylic paint and a brush. When it’s all dried, glue on the handles and the triggers.

7) Looks pretty cool already, right? True, but they still look incredibly flat.  Now it’s time for weathering!!! Take an old brush and grab some matte grey paint. The exact colour doesn’t matter that much, just make sure it’s matte. Put some paint on the brush and brush it off until there is barely any left. Then, take your brush and just rub it on the areas on the sides. You can add pressure as much as you like and just go to town! Seriously, just go with what feels right. You can smooth it out with the brush or your fingers. Just make it look dirty and weathered. Usually, the sides will get the most wear and tear.

You might end up with something like this:

Well, that makes all the difference in the world, right?

8) Last step!!! Take the gold marker and write Ebony and Ivory on the barrel!

You could add the ladies with plasic and glue, like HyperPropsFX suggests.  I never got around to that :sweat_smile:


Hopefully this helps some of you :smile:

If you make these guns, please be sure to tag me in them on Instagram or Facebook (RavenStarCosplay on both)! I’d love to see your creations!

I’ll leave you with some action shots of my guns 🙂

Pic by Julian Young, www.facebook.com/Phantazephoto
Pic by www.digifred.nl