Edward Kenway WIP

Photographer: Charlaine Kreuning

I made this costume back in 2013 and I never bothered to make a tutorial. I did take some in progress pics, so hopefully this will be of use to someone 🙂

Some general tips: use heavy and expensive material and weather your fabrics to make your costume as authentic as possible 🙂

Also: don’t be an idiot like me and take the time to correctly measure everything and do the math before you start cutting.


The first version of the hood. I used a material that was surpringly close to burlap and that frayed in all the right places. It had a nasty smell to it though.Getting the hood to be nice and round was a skill I never quite mastered.


These shoes were bought for like 20 Euro’s at a cheap shoe store. I weathered them with brown shoe polish.


I love those early moments when you see things coming together for the first time. The pants were store bought, the shirt was an old blouse from my boyfriend.


Ridiculously happy with the first wrist blade I got in. Bought it on Ebay. It was uncomfortable as hell. Those with thick wrists / lower arms should not attempt to wear these. Also be careful: the lock mechanism is not fail safe. I stabbed myself a couple of times ;’)


For the hood, I used eye shadow to make it dirty. On the clothes, I used a mixture of brown face paint and a spray bottle to dilute the paint and create some nasty looking stains. I even hung the fabric in it a bit in places where it’d get extra dirty.


These flaps were made with two kinds of fabric. In retrospect, I would advise anyone to make these with bias tape, but I wasn’t even aware bias tape existed when I made this costume 😉 We live and learn, people.


Aah, the jacket. The thing that still haunts my nightmares. This was a pain. It was built to be open in the back, but because I had raised the location of the sash to accentuate my waist, it was a real pain to get it to stay open in the back. It didn’t help that I was impatient with measuring it and made a complete mess out of the thing. The two rings on the back are key chains I painted and the straps stay on with velcro. This was the best possible way to make sure they stayed reasonably open.


Some minor weathering already in place. I often see amazing Assassin costumes, but what sets the great ones out from the good ones is weathering. You’re an assassin. You travel, you get dirty a lot, you stab people. Go a little nuts! Cover yourself in dirt, in blood, whatever! It’s truly the thing that will make your costume stand out the most 🙂