Video tutorial: Aloy’s bracers from Horizon Zero Dawn

Well, my first project with worbla is officially happening!

Back when I started working on Aloy, I picked her outfit for multiple reasons. Partially because I just loved the overall look, but also because it presented some nice challenges for me like working with leather and making armour. After putting it off for 2,5 months because I was so busy on the costume, the time had finally come for me to start working on the bracers! Click here to see the video 🙂

I decided to make a video tutorial! I’m completely new to worbla, YouTube and editing videos, so please just bear with me as I make my first teensy tiny steps into video making 😉

The patterns for the bracers will be on my site somewhere tonight (CET time) or tomorrow. I still need some help to get them in the right format.
For now, please enjoy me blabbering on about the process of making these bracers.

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