Bayonetta guns tutorial

Now, I see these amazing little tutorials pop up at Pretzl Cosplay all the time and I figured it might be nice to do this for my Bayonetta guns!

Now, this is a very tiny pic collage, but I’m hoping this’ll give you some insight into the work that went into these babies! Here’s a little Gun tutorial!



Listed below are the steps I took:

1. I traced the entire reference image in Photoshop CC. It took me FOREVER to find a reference image that I could use because everything was of extremely low quality. Save as .png and print it on an A4 piece of paper to check the dimensions. This process took about a week to figure out. This stuff is time consuming, but vital. Without a good blueprint, your prop is pretty much doomed!
Print this blueprint at least as many times as the layers you need!!! You’ll see that the foam prop already has depth, because I used different blueprints. Think about which parts will pop out at you and which parts will be flat!
2. I made the base out of 1cm and 0,5 foam from Cosplay Shop ‘Select Style’. This stuff is great, super durable and easy to use! I used a small piece of PVC to make the barrel and surrounded that with 2 little rolls of 3mm craft foam to create depth and thickness. I sanded the foam in places where I wanted a little more depth or smoother edges (below the barrel, at the gun transition, etc)
Make sure you heat the entire prop and shape it. As you can see in pic number 2, the barrel wasn’t straight. No problem! Just heat it up and keep it in the right position and you’re good to go!
3. I made both the body of the gun and the handle seperately and covered them with worbla seperately. This ensured a more perfect fit (as the warm worbla is more pliable) and eliminated the need for glue! Black worbla was also purchased at
The little dial was made with 3mm craft foam sandwiched in between 2 layers of black worbla. If you’re using gems, be sure to press them into the worbla while it’s still hot so the size will be right every time.
4. Added the details: Trigger, front and back sights, etc. These are foam + worbla or just pure worbla, modeled like clay.
Paint on any design with a white or gold marker so it shows up on the black worbla. I made sure to emboss AROUND the parts I wanted to stand out for easier painting and definition.
Take a dremel and CAREFULLY sand your prop around the edges to get rid of any seams or cutting lines.
5. Prime and paint! I used PVA primer from Minque to prime this prop, painted with Amsterdam acrylic paints and Pabeo gold wax. Pictured here is a base layer of paint. Be sure to shade and finish with a shiny or matte spray paint to eliminate brush strokes!

And that’s it! I think each gun takes about 20-30 hours at the very least.

Any questions? Let me know! 🙂

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