Aloy necklace tutorial – 8 stranded braid

So, I recently started working on Aloy’s costume from Horizon: Zero Dawn. I am in love with her design and her costume provides some nice challenges for me (working with EVA foam and leather, mostly). I figured, seeing as not many people have made this costume yet, that it’d be nice to post a tutorial every now and then. Today I will be going over Aloy’s braided necklace. This necklace is made from braided blue suede. This is what you’ll need: 8 strands of suede or fake suede. Each strand should ideally be about 2,5 m long. I bought four packs with 5 metres of chord and cut those in half. A jump rope or cable. You’ll have to braid around something. The cheapest available option for me was to buy 3 metres of jump rope at my local toy store. Pick something that’s not too thick and that has plenty of flexibility. A fastener. Now, I was lazy and used key rings I still had lying around. On the plus side, I think this is actually something that Aloy herself might do as there are probably no jewelry fasteners where she lives 😉 It doesn’t matter though, your hair or wig will cover it. TIME. The finished braid (without the leather accents) took me 8 hours. Yes. 8 HOURS. This will take a lot of time, even if you’re faster than me. Now for the actual braiding. Tie the chords to the key chain and section them off onto two…

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