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Bayonetta guns tutorial

Now, I see these amazing little tutorials pop up at Pretzl Cosplay all the time and I figured it might be nice to do this for my Bayonetta guns! Now, this is a very tiny pic collage, but I’m hoping this’ll give you some insight into the work that went into these babies! Here’s a little Gun tutorial!   Listed below are the steps I took: 1. I traced the entire reference image in Photoshop CC. It took me FOREVER to find a reference image that I could use because everything was of extremely low quality. Save as .png and print it on an A4 piece of paper to check the dimensions. This process took about a week to figure out. This stuff is time consuming, but vital. Without a good blueprint, your prop is pretty much doomed! Print this blueprint at least as many times as the layers you need!!! You’ll see that the foam prop already has depth, because I used different blueprints. Think about which parts will pop out at you and which parts will be flat! 2. I made the base out of 1cm and 0,5 foam from Cosplay Shop ‘Select Style’. This stuff is great, super durable and easy to use! I used a small piece of PVC to make the barrel and surrounded that with 2 little rolls of 3mm craft foam to create depth and thickness. I sanded the foam in places where I wanted a little more depth or smoother edges (below the…

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Video tutorial: Aloy’s bracers from Horizon Zero Dawn

Well, my first project with worbla is officially happening! Back when I started working on Aloy, I picked her outfit for multiple reasons. Partially because I just loved the overall look, but also because it presented some nice challenges for me like working with leather and making armour. After putting it off for 2,5 months because I was so busy on the costume, the time had finally come for me to start working on the bracers! Click here to see the video 🙂

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Aloy necklace tutorial – 8 stranded braid

So, I recently started working on Aloy’s costume from Horizon: Zero Dawn. I am in love with her design and her costume provides some nice challenges for me (working with EVA foam and leather, mostly). I figured, seeing as not many people have made this costume yet, that it’d be nice to post a tutorial every now and then. Today I will be going over Aloy’s braided necklace. This necklace is made from braided blue suede. This is what you’ll need: 8 strands of suede or fake suede. Each strand should ideally be about 2,5 m long. I bought four packs with 5 metres of chord and cut those in half. A jump rope or cable. You’ll have to braid around something. The cheapest available option for me was to buy 3 metres of jump rope at my local toy store. Pick something that’s not too thick and that has plenty of flexibility. A fastener. Now, I was lazy and used key rings I still had lying around. On the plus side, I think this is actually something that Aloy herself might do as there are probably no jewelry fasteners where she lives 😉 It doesn’t matter though, your hair or wig will cover it. TIME. The finished braid (without the leather accents) took me 8 hours. Yes. 8 HOURS. This will take a lot of time, even if you’re faster than me. Now for the actual braiding. Tie the chords to the key chain and section them off onto two…

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