Bayonetta guns tutorial

Now, I see these amazing little tutorials pop up at Pretzl Cosplay all the time and I figured it might be nice to do this for my Bayonetta guns! Now, this is a very tiny pic collage, but I’m hoping this’ll give you some insight into the work that went into these babies! Here’s a little Gun tutorial!   Listed below are the steps I took: 1. I traced the entire reference image in Photoshop CC. It took me FOREVER to find a reference image that I could use because everything was of extremely low quality. Save as .png and print it on an A4 piece of paper to check the dimensions. This process took about a week to figure out. This stuff is time consuming, but vital. Without a good blueprint, your prop is pretty much doomed! Print this blueprint at least as many times as the layers you need!!! You’ll see that the foam prop already has depth, because I used different blueprints. Think about which parts will pop out at you and which parts will be flat! 2. I made the base out of 1cm and 0,5 foam from Cosplay Shop ‘Select Style’. This stuff is great, super durable and easy to use! I used a small piece of PVC to make the barrel and surrounded that with 2 little rolls of 3mm craft foam to create depth and thickness. I sanded the foam in places where I wanted a little more depth or smoother edges (below the…

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Harley Quinn WIP

In 2014 I started working on Harley Quinn’s costume from Batman Arkham Knight. This costume really helped me learn how to sew as I had to make an entire ruffled skirt from scratch. In addition, this costume includes leather work, wig alterations and other fun little tricks of the trade 🙂 I never made a real tutorial, but I did take some in progress pics. I’m hoping I can help someone with these 🙂   The leggings were constructed from two pairs of leggings from Forever 21: a red one and a blue one. I bought a bigger size on purpose because they shrink a bit when you take them apart and sew them back together again. Also, I wanted these to be as comfy as possible 🙂 The squares were painted on using Fabric Dye, outlined first with chalk and ironed into place. The bra I used was an old Marlies Dekkers bra. I hand sewed fabric over it to cover the cups and made my own bias tape out of fabric to top it off. Beware: the bigger your cups are, the harder this will be to get right! The skirt was made with a heavy duty cotton. First, I made a basic short pencil skirt with an elastic waist. Then I took long strips of fabric (make these longer than you want the actual showing strips to be because you need to hide the seams underneath each ruffled section) and wrinkled the fabric. I then sewed them…

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