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Aloy skirt tutorial – Part 1: Flaps!

Hi guys! I’ve decided to chronicle my journey making Aloy’s costume from Horizon Zero Dawn. Today, I’ll be going over how I made the base flaps for her skirt! MATERIALS First of all, picking materials is quite a big step for this one. I wanted this costume to be as authentic as possible. In addition, I was eager for a chance to work with genuine hide. In the cosplay guide, Guerrilla Games specifies that her skirt is made from panels of hide that are embellished with simple fabrics. I decided to go for suede. You can either buy pigskin or cow suede. I believe mine is made from cows (I forgot to ask when I bought it), simply because it’s a bit too thick and sturdy to be pigskin. I personally think using real hide gives you the best results, but I’ll list the pro’s and cons here for your reading pleasure. 😉 Pro’s: It looks freaking great The added weight makes sure the flaps ‘hang’ believeably Authenticity Fabric is most likely too thin to successfully emulate this look Cons: It’s harder to sew (cow hide is practically impossible to sew by hand without a hole puncher and steel robotic fingers) It’s harder to find a vegan / animal friendly option Cost (it’s more expensive) Other materials used: dark blue linnen/cotton blend, light blue linnen/cotton blend A heavy duty sewing machine (if you use real, tough suede, this is a MUST). I used my mum’s old Lotus 1000 from the…

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Harley Quinn WIP

In 2014 I started working on Harley Quinn’s costume from Batman Arkham Knight. This costume really helped me learn how to sew as I had to make an entire ruffled skirt from scratch. In addition, this costume includes leather work, wig alterations and other fun little tricks of the trade 🙂 I never made a real tutorial, but I did take some in progress pics. I’m hoping I can help someone with these 🙂   The leggings were constructed from two pairs of leggings from Forever 21: a red one and a blue one. I bought a bigger size on purpose because they shrink a bit when you take them apart and sew them back together again. Also, I wanted these to be as comfy as possible 🙂 The squares were painted on using Fabric Dye, outlined first with chalk and ironed into place. The bra I used was an old Marlies Dekkers bra. I hand sewed fabric over it to cover the cups and made my own bias tape out of fabric to top it off. Beware: the bigger your cups are, the harder this will be to get right! The skirt was made with a heavy duty cotton. First, I made a basic short pencil skirt with an elastic waist. Then I took long strips of fabric (make these longer than you want the actual showing strips to be because you need to hide the seams underneath each ruffled section) and wrinkled the fabric. I then sewed them…

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