Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy was a special project to me. It was the first project where I started making tutorials from the very beginning and had people actually follow the project step by step! Turns out that that was super inspirational and what kept me going when this costume made me want to ragequit 😉 The skirt is made from 6 flaps of real hide. The bags are also real leather. This costume took between 250 – 400 hours to make (I’m serious, I lost count).   I am currently working on her spear and might even attempt her bow in the future 🙂

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Yennefer of Vengerberg

Photographer: Peter Krul     My Yennefer of Vengerberg!   I LOVE The Witcher and I have the biggest soft spot for CD Projekt Red, the game’s developers. When I played The Witcher 3, I was pretty much on team Yen ever since she first showed up. I love her strong personality, intelligence and obvious beauty. I just love how she never makes any excuses for who she is and does whatever she thinks is best, even if people will hate her for it.   When I saw the DLC costume, I was sold. I HAD to make this. I made the skirt and the corset from scratch, dyed and altered the blouse and made the feather trim. This is one of my favourite costumes to date, mostly because I love this character so, so much.

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