Aloy Skirt Tutorial – Part 2

  Hi guys! So, today, I’m going to go over how I embroidered the skirt panels for Aloy’s skirt from Horizon Zero Dawn. If you’re looking for how I made these panels in the first place please go have a looksie at part one right HERE! Okay, are you ready? Then here we go! Note: for this tutorial, I’m going to assume that you used real hide, like me. This changes the process quite a bit! (I.e. it takes a LOT longer, but the results, in my humble opinion, are worth it!) Here’s all that you’ll need for these steps: Your finished panels. You will need 6 in total (4 large ones, 2 smaller ones on the sides) A hole puncher Red wax chord 1mm thick (approx 50 metres per panel) Sand/white wax chord 1,5 mm thick (50 metres is enough) White/Ivory/off white wax chord 1,5 mm thick (30 metres should cover it) A large hobby needle/leather needle. Any needle with a big enough opening should do. (Insert dirty joke here) A piece of paper Tape An exacto knife A marker Pencil Some nice music/Netflix/movies or something. This will take a while!   Ready? Alright, then! First step: The red chord. Now, if you look closely, you will see that the red panels on Aloy’s skirt are actually twine of some sort that has been wrapped around the fabric a bunch of times. Again, I don’t know what leather needles that girl has been using (or maybe she’s got superhuman strength, who…

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Aloy skirt tutorial – Part 1: Flaps!

Hi guys! I’ve decided to chronicle my journey making Aloy’s costume from Horizon Zero Dawn. Today, I’ll be going over how I made the base flaps for her skirt! MATERIALS First of all, picking materials is quite a big step for this one. I wanted this costume to be as authentic as possible. In addition, I was eager for a chance to work with genuine hide. In the cosplay guide, Guerrilla Games specifies that her skirt is made from panels of hide that are embellished with simple fabrics. I decided to go for suede. You can either buy pigskin or cow suede. I believe mine is made from cows (I forgot to ask when I bought it), simply because it’s a bit too thick and sturdy to be pigskin. I personally think using real hide gives you the best results, but I’ll list the pro’s and cons here for your reading pleasure. 😉 Pro’s: It looks freaking great The added weight makes sure the flaps ‘hang’ believeably Authenticity Fabric is most likely too thin to successfully emulate this look Cons: It’s harder to sew (cow hide is practically impossible to sew by hand without a hole puncher and steel robotic fingers) It’s harder to find a vegan / animal friendly option Cost (it’s more expensive) Other materials used: dark blue linnen/cotton blend, light blue linnen/cotton blend A heavy duty sewing machine (if you use real, tough suede, this is a MUST). I used my mum’s old Lotus 1000 from the…

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