Edward Kenway WIP

I made this costume back in 2013 and I never bothered to make a tutorial. I did take some in progress pics, so hopefully this will be of use to someone 🙂 Some general tips: use heavy and expensive material and weather your fabrics to make your costume as authentic as possible 🙂 Also: don’t be an idiot like me and take the time to correctly measure everything and do the math before you start cutting. The first version of the hood. I used a material that was surpringly close to burlap and that frayed in all the right places. It had a nasty smell to it though.Getting the hood to be nice and round was a skill I never quite mastered. These shoes were bought for like 20 Euro’s at a cheap shoe store. I weathered them with brown shoe polish. I love those early moments when you see things coming together for the first time. The pants were store bought, the shirt was an old blouse from my boyfriend. Ridiculously happy with the first wrist blade I got in. Bought it on Ebay. It was uncomfortable as hell. Those with thick wrists / lower arms should not attempt to wear these. Also be careful: the lock mechanism is not fail safe. I stabbed myself a couple of times ;’) For the hood, I used eye shadow to make it dirty. On the clothes, I used a mixture of brown face paint and a spray bottle to dilute the paint…

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Aloy necklace tutorial – 8 stranded braid

So, I recently started working on Aloy’s costume from Horizon: Zero Dawn. I am in love with her design and her costume provides some nice challenges for me (working with EVA foam and leather, mostly). I figured, seeing as not many people have made this costume yet, that it’d be nice to post a tutorial every now and then. Today I will be going over Aloy’s braided necklace. This necklace is made from braided blue suede. This is what you’ll need: 8 strands of suede or fake suede. Each strand should ideally be about 2,5 m long. I bought four packs with 5 metres of chord and cut those in half. A jump rope or cable. You’ll have to braid around something. The cheapest available option for me was to buy 3 metres of jump rope at my local toy store. Pick something that’s not too thick and that has plenty of flexibility. A fastener. Now, I was lazy and used key rings I still had lying around. On the plus side, I think this is actually something that Aloy herself might do as there are probably no jewelry fasteners where she lives 😉 It doesn’t matter though, your hair or wig will cover it. TIME. The finished braid (without the leather accents) took me 8 hours. Yes. 8 HOURS. This will take a lot of time, even if you’re faster than me. Now for the actual braiding. Tie the chords to the key chain and section them off onto two…

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